Posted by: Tim | June 12, 2011

Pentecost Sunday – A Day Worth Celebrating!

Today is Pentecost Sunday. I’m not much for the church calendar (except for the pancake day – wish I could remember what day that one is!), but I’ve been thinking for a while that we (we=many of us evangelicals) need to do a better job celebrating Pentecost. We do well at Christmas, celebrating Jesus’ birth, and we never forget Easter, remembering Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, and the many witnesses who saw Him. But at Pentecost, we are lucky if we remember and if we do, we don’t do much.

But Pentecost is the day the Holy Spirit was given to believers, and the day the church was born as described in Acts 2. Those are big events, and we should celebrate them!

This morning at church we tried to make it a special day. We had a baptism, a sermon about Pentecost, songs about the Holy Spirit, and a barbecue/pot luck – Pentecost was a feast after all.  It was a great morning!

What are some other ideas for celebrating Pentecost? I would appreciate your comments below. Thanks!

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