Posted by: Tim | June 19, 2014

Blog Update – Long Time No See


It’s been a while – about two years – since I published my last blog post here at NotInVain. Amazingly I still get 100+ views on the site each week. Thank you all for continuing to visit despite my silence. I’m still alive and well and working hard in ministry here in Toronto.

I haven’t published for a variety of reasons, with lots going on between ministering at city church, working on my doctorate, and family life. Also, I’ve felt like I haven’t quite had the ‘voice’ for what I should say next. I’m thinking that will change soon.

I feel like I have some things to say, and I’m hoping to start saying them soon. I might say them here at NotInVain, or I may open up a new blog (possibly still leaving this one open).  Stay tuned!

Also, I’m taking a mini-sabbatical in July and August to reflect, pray, spend some time with my family, work on some personal disciplines, and basically get refocused and recharged for the second half of my life. I’d appreciate your prayers for my mini-sabbatical this summer, that the Lord will give me renewal and refreshment.

PS: For your viewing pleasure, I included in this post an Instagram-filtered pic I took earlier this year of the flatiron building in Toronto.





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