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Journey Through Judges Sermon Series

In 2007 I preached a twenty part series through the book of Judges at Prairie Tabernacle. You can scroll down below and download the mp3 audio and the pdf notes for each sermon. I hope it will be a blessing to you. Please see the bottom of this post for copyright notes.

#1 Judges 1:1-2:5 Failure to Keep the Covenant mp3 audio pdf notes

This is the story of Israel’s failure to take the land. The pattern of decline sets the pattern for the whole book. This is not the best sermon in the series. If I were doing it again, I would have moved through the text more quickly. Also, there is a personal story at the beginning of this sermon where I got a detail wrong. I knew it as soon as I spoke it that day and I should have just corrected it, but instead I kept going and am stuck with it on the recording. The story was about a drive by Darien Lake amusement park near Buffalo, NY. I said we didn’t have time to go on the roller coaster we saw there, but I am pretty sure the main problem was that the park was not yet open for the season, so the issue was not time. It doesn’t make a difference for the purpose of the illustration, but it bothers me and I want to be accurate. My apologies!

#2 Judges 2:6-3:6 Rebellion of a Generation mp3 audio pdf notes

This chapter has the semi-famous verse about the generation that rose up who did not know Lord or the works he had done. I preached this sermon a couple of times in other locations as I thought it had a powerful message.

#3 Judges 3:7-11 Othniel mp3 audio pdf notes

Othniel was not the most famous of the judges, but he was one of the best. His story sets out the pattern for each of the major judge stories.

#4 Judges 3:12-30 Ehud mp3 audio pdf notes

This is one of the grossest stories in the Bible, and I owe a debt of gratitude to a friend (who I have been out of touch with for far too long), who used to preach a fun message about Ehud!

#5 Judges 4-5 Deborah mp3 audio pdf notes

Deborah is an interesting story, in part because she is one of the few woman heroes in the Bible. I divided the sermon into the story (ch4) and the soundtrack (ch5).

#6 Judges 6:1-24 The Call of Gideon mp3 audio pdf notes

I did a five part miniseries on Gideon, starting with his call. It is a great story as it is so easy to see ourselves in Gideon.

#7 Judges 6:25-35 Tearing Down Idols mp3 audio pdf notes

Before Gideon could save Israel, he had to tear down the idols in his home town.

#8 Judges 6:33-40 Signs and the Will of God mp3 audio pdf notes

How many times have you heard of someone ‘putting out a fleece’ to find God’s will? This practice comes from our friend Gideon. This message discusses whether this is the best way to find God’s will.

#9 Judges 7 The Lord Gives the Victory mp3 audio pdf notes

Gideon finally has the showdown with the armies of Midian, and finds victory in the LORD. (I mixed up the sermon notes for this one and need to fix it)

#10 Judges 8:1-35 Decline of a Leader mp3 audio pdf notes

This is the final message on Gideon, and it is a sad one as he does not finish well. This pattern is in keeping with the downward spiral of leadership and righteousness in the book of Judges.

#11 Judges 9:1-57 Abimelech: Gideon’s Wicked Son mp3 audio pdf notes

Things take a turn for the worse with the story of Abimelech. I seem to recall that I thought this sermon was too long when I preached it!

#12 Judges 10:6-11:28 Jephthah mp3 audio pdf notes

This is the first of a two part series on Jephthah. There is an interesting picture hidden behind the Hebrew words used for leader that show how people want a Saviour but not a Lord.

#13 Judges 11:29-12:7 Jephthah: Personal and National Tragedy mp3 audio pdf notes

This is among the worst stories in Judges, and in the Bible as a whole. It ranks somewhere between Abimelech and Judges 19 (?).

#14 Judges 13:1-25 The Birth of Samson mp3 audio pdf notes

After a string of stories that do not go well, the story of Samson starts with much hope. This is the first of a four part miniseries on Samson.

#15 Judges 14:1-20 Samson’s Marriage mp3 audio pdf notes

Samson gets into trouble due to his interest in a Philistine woman.

#16 Judges 15:1-20 Samson Defeats the Philistines mp3 audio pdf notes

God takes the events following Samson’s disastrous wedding and uses them to defeat the Philistines.

#17 Judges 16:1-31 Samson’s Last Battle mp3 audio pdf notes

As the downward spiral of Judges continues, the LORD blesses Samson with a last show of strength.

#18 Judges 17-18 Spiritual Decay mp3 audio pdf notes

This is one of the most terrible stories in the whole Bible, graphically illustrating the journey to the bottom of the downward spiral.

#19 Judges 19-20 National Decay mp3 audio pdf notes

The spiritual decay in Israel leads to national decay of the nation and the near decimation of one of the tribes.

#20 Judges Various Passages Looking Back at Judges mp3 audio pdf notes

This sermon looks back at the key lessons learned in the book of Judges.

Final Comments: I remember preaching this series and feeling the weight of it near the end as the sin just got worse and worse. In retrospect, I think the book of Judges is an extended illustration of Romans 1:18-31 and the doctrine of Total Depravity. It was well worth preaching through, though tough slugging at times!

Copyright notes: All sermon audio and notes are copyright Tim Strickland, 2007. You are free to distribute these sermon files, provided that you do not change them in any way and that you do not charge for them, other than incidental reproduction costs (such as the cost of printing notes on paper or the cost of a blank CD).


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  4. Hi Tim. The sermon and notes links aren’t working for your series in Judges. Is is possible for you to forward me links for the .pdfs. Many thanks, Nick

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