Posted by: Tim | June 21, 2011


Over the weekend, registered its 30,000th view since I started blogging about three years ago. I’m a bit of a junkie for numbers and stats, so 30,000 is an interesting milestone for me.

In the big scheme of things 30,000 views on my blog is barely a drop in the bucket, as other blogs see hundreds or even thousands of hits in a day. But I have enjoyed blogging and occasionally have written some posts that have actually driven a fair amount of traffic. I set out to write things that would be God honouring, useful to people, and to simply improve my writing skills in a public setting. I hope that those things have been and continue to be accomplished.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read NotInVain, whether I know you well or you have simply found the blog through a google search. I am thinking about buying the wordpress upgrade so I can post more media (ie audio and video) files directly to the blog. Stay tuned!


PS: My next post will highlight the top few posts in the past three years.



  1. Congratulations on reaching that milestone! 30,000 in three years is actually quite impressive for a personal blog. I’ve been blogging for just over three years as well and I’m not even close to that amount of visitors.

    • Hey William – thanks for the encouragement! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and I’ve just added you to my blogroll. If Steve Rendall’s experience is any indicator, it should drive about 14 views to your blog over the next year or two!

  2. Strangely enough, 3 days ago I was on the precipice of reaching 30,000 views on my blog as well. I was pretty excited about it for some reason (probably much the same as you). Then something crazy happened. I won’t get all into it but bottom line I wrote a post about a video I saw and me and some guys identified the people in the video beating up this guy. Anyways I wrote a blog about it and filed it about this time at night (2a.m).

    Over the next three days I have received 30,000 views. So I doubled up in three days what it took me two years to accomplish before. Its pretty crazy. Well I’m sure this is about as random a comment that you are ever going to receive on your blog…’s just how I roll buddy. Good LUCK>>>>>

    • Hey Anthony thanks for the random visit – interesting story!

      • lol….I was going to say congratulations too, but then I realized you hit this a year ago.

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