I preach regularly at the Prairie Tabernacle in Three Hills, Alberta, where I serve as Senior Pastor. You can use the sermon player below to listen to sermons from our church.


  1. Great resource.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks Mark for visiting.
    Hope the site is a blessing to you!

  3. Thanks for Listening to the Holy Spirit Pastor Tim, not leading us into Galatianism, allowing Jesus to be tough-as-nails on legalism through your expository, and demonstrating compassion in your ‘Blind Man’ message. Someone who had been beat-up all his life by legalism by verses from “if a man doesn’t work he shouldn’t eat’ to ‘you shouldn’t be struggling with sadness’ because it’s sin was greatly encouraged and some who had sinned as the Pharisees are verbally grappling with the sermon. So- ya got people thinkin. I was blessed and rebuked myself and have a saying for people ‘on the other-side’ — “Try not to be legalistic about legalists.” And I say that to myself, too.

    I’ve seen those deemed as the greatest legalists by some broken down by “Love” and then softened in a good way to pass that quality of Love onto others- you know- the kind that have a coke or coffee with ya and truly want to know how you are truly doing (truth not feeling the need to ‘hide’) good, bad, or ugly with the purpose of prayer, compassion, and mercy in action.

    Your friend and brother,

    Kam VanHereweghe

  4. Hey Kam,
    Glad the message was an encouragement bro – it’s one we all need to hear – “try not to be legalistic about legalists” – love it!

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