Posted by: Tim | June 22, 2011

The Top Five Posts on NotInVain

Last weekend the NotInVain blog passed 30,000 views, and today I want to review the top five postings during its three years online. These five posts drew over 7800 views, or 26% of all blog views. And I have published 106 posts during that time, meaning that about 5% of the posts have drawn 26% of the views. Interesting (if you’re a stats geek like me)! Anyways, here are the top five posts:

#5 – 758 views –  More Together for the Gospel Pictures – This post is a collection of pictures from the 2008 Together for the Gospel conference that I attended in Louisville, Kentucky. I would guess that at least half the views of this post came through one picture at the bottom of the post – the Louisville Slugger Museum with the giant baseball bat out front. I think this because so many of the google searches on my stats page show people looking for “Louisville slugger”!

#4 – 1169 viewsBook Review: The Shack by William P. Young – I didn’t want to read The Shack, and plenty of other people wrote reviews of it before I did, but it just kept coming up and I felt that our church needed their pastor to read it and give a first hand review, so I did. 5000 words later, this post appeared!

#3 – 1235 viewsJourney Through Judges Sermon Series – In 2007 I preached through the Biblical book of Judges in 20 sermons. Then a little over a year ago I posted the sermon notes and mp3 audio files on my blog. The response on the blog has been strong ever since.

#2 – 1661 viewsBible Software Part 2: Logos vs Bibleworks  – The two most popular, and most serious PC Bible packages are Bibleworks and Logos. This post comparing the two has had a steady stream of views. For the record, I use Bibleworks, because it is lightning fast and excellent for gleaning from multiple translations, including the Greek and Hebrew!

#1  – 3018 views –  Book Review – Epicenter by Joel C. Rosenberg : This book review was one of the first posts I wrote, and I had no idea how popular it would be, receiving almost double the 2nd most popular post, and 10% of all views on my blog. Rosenberg’s book is an intriguing look at the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 regarding the future war of Gog and Magog. He readily concedes that at many points he is writing predictions about what could happen based on conjecture from the Bible, not what absolutely will happen. One of the interesting predictions is that significant oil deposits will be found in Israel, based on a verse in Deuteronomy, I think (sorry too lazy to look it up right now!). Just recently I was reading an article in Canada’s National Post that referred to the huge oil shale deposits in Israel. The technology is not yet there to obtain them, but if anyone can develop it, Israel can, and they will become an oil rich nation overnight. The number of views on my blog indicates that a lot of people are interested in Rosenberg and his writings. I read his Flashtraffic blog from time to time and heard him speak last summer in Denver in a jam packed event. I appreciate his love and support for Israel along with his insights on the Middle East.

So there you have it! If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is this: it is not easy to predict which blog post will be the most popular, which is an encouragement to write about whatever I think will honour God and be a blessing to people, and see what happens.

I find these stats really interesting – maybe you do too, or maybe not! As always, your comments are welcome.

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