Posted by: Tim | March 26, 2011

Future Things Reading List

During the past few months I have been preaching an End Times Series called “Future Things”. I put together a list of book titles that I have found helpful in my studies. Here are some recommended books with some brief comments.


The Dictionary of Pre-Millennial Theology by Mal Couch – This is a dispensational/pre-trib book that gives a good understanding of the rapture from this perspective.

A Case for Historic Pre-Millennialism by Craig Blomberg and Sung Wook Chan – This book was produced out of a conference at Denver Seminary and has contributions from faculty. It contains some good essays providing a counterbalance to the dispensational pre-mill perspective.

The Blessed Hope by George Eldon Ladd – Ladd’s book is a classic defense of the post-tribulation rapture and points out flaws in the pre-tribulation position.

Three Views of the Rapture by Archer, Feinberg and Moo – The scholars in this book are top drawer and provide excellent essays and counterpoints in the standard format of this genre of books. The introductory historical essay is especially helpful. As I recall, all three scholars are from the Evangelical Free Church whose statement of faith includes (or at least it used to include) the word ‘imminent’ to describe Jesus’ return – makes for an interesting discussion. The picture of the empty shoes on the front cover is also a nice touch!

The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church by Marvin Rosenthal – Rosenthal opens the book by telling the story of how he lost his position as head of Friends of Israel over his rapture position change – a very interesting story! – and then makes a compelling, almost-convincing case for the pre-wrath rapture position. Through informal conversation I have found that there are people out there who quietly find this position worth a look.

The Millennium

A Case for Amillennialism by Kim Riddlebarger – This book is a solid presentation of the Amillennial position. You can read my full review here.

Systematic Theology chapter 55, by Wayne Grudem – Grudem provides a helpful overview of the millennial positions and argues for historic pre-millennialism. Grudem is also helpful on the Rapture, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.

“Wonders of the Millennium” by Oswald J. Smith. This is an old sermon preached by this great missionary statesman around 1973. It has an interesting prophetic note in predicting the return of Russian Jews to Israel, many years before it happened.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven by Randy Alcorn – A lot of people have been blessed by this book, and I would add myself to that list!

Hell Under Fire by Christopher Morgan –  This book contains a collection of essays dealing with the Biblical doctrine of Hell. It addresses universalism and annihilationism. Contributors include J.I. Packer and Al Mohler. I read portions of it, including an excellent essay by the editor, Christopher Morgan

Four Views on Hell by Walvoord, Hayes and Pinnock – This book follows the format of this genre of books – essay and brief responses from other essay writers. I only scanned and read a bit of it, but it was helpful to understand the different viewpoints.



Grant Osborne’s commentary in the Baker Exegetical Series

Robert Thomas’ Two Volume commentary

Steve Gregg’s four parallel views commentary –  It provides an interesting read as it shows futurist, historic, spiritual and preterist views in parallel columns. Gregg was a charismatic dispensationalist who seems to have changed his mind!

Robert Mounce’s commentary in the NICNT seriesMatthew

D.A. Carson’s commentary in the Expositor’s Commentary Series is helpful, like everything else he writes!


Finally, while all these resources help, they won’t get you far unless you become familiar with the important prophetic texts of the Bible:


1-2 Thessalonians (esp 1 Thess 4-5, 2 Thess 1-2)

Matthew 24-25

Daniel (esp 7-12)

2 Peter 3

Zechariah 14

Various passages in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel

1 Corinthians 3 on Judgment

1 Corinthians 15 on rapture and resurrection

Many individual passages throughout the Bible (I know that isn’t too helpful but I’m out of time for now and if you follow the cross references on the passages listed above you’ll find some more!)




  1. Your link above says “Bill Mounce’s commentary in the NICNT series” when in fact the commentary is written by his father, Robert Thomas.

  2. I mean, “Robert Mounce.”

    • Good catch Rick. I’ve updated the post with the corrected info. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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