Posted by: Tim | September 20, 2010

Tough Questions for Christianity

Just click the title to go directly to the article, and feel free to leave comments:

#1 Isn’t it arrogant for someone to say they have the absolute truth about God?

#2 How can a thinking person believe in God?

#3 Why would a good God allow suffering?

#4 Don’t all religions basically say the same thing?

#5 Isn’t the Bible a human book full of contradictions and errors?

#6 Did the miracles of the Bible really happen?

#7 Is it reasonable to believe in the resurrection?

#8 Is Creation Consistent with Science?

#9 Was Jesus Really God?

#10 Why Become a Christian when so many are Hypocrites?

In the fall of 2009 I wrote a series of articles in the Three Hills Capital addressing tough questions for Christianity. I think these questions are as relevant as ever and I have created this blog entry to provide a central link to all of the articles.


  1. I have one too, if you would like to check it out….

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