Posted by: Tim | September 11, 2010

Bad Arguments

Kevin DeYoung has a great post today about bad arguments that we hear all too often. You can read it by clicking here.

DeYoung is a pastor and author – I have read three (2 1/2 to be precise) of his books. All are worth reading. Here’s a brief overview:

Why We’re Not Emergent by two guys who should be, coauthored by Ted Kluck – a great book looking at the problems with the emergent church movement (which seems to have fizzled).

Just Do Something This book is about ‘finding God’s will for your life’, and as the title suggests, he doesn’t recommend a passive approach! It’s a relatively short book and I highly recommend it for anyone who has questions about God’s will.

Why We Love the Church – This is the one I’ve 1/2 read – sooner or later I hope to finish it. But what I have read is good – it is a response to a recent stream of books that take shots at the church. It is again co-authored with Ted Kluck, and while they don’t pretend the church is perfect, they make a great case not giving up on her.

I’m sure you can find these books at Kevin’s blog, and probably by looking on or as well.

H/T to Darryl Dash for the link to the Bad Arguments post. Darryl has a weekly feature called Saturday links, and I find that there is always something good to read in them.


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