Posted by: Tim | August 19, 2010

Empire Avenue – the next big thing in social media?

I haven’t been much into social media sites, unless you count my relatively infrequent posts on this blog. I don’t have a Facebook account, I don’t really know why anyone would care what I am tweeting (“Im @ the mall” “Im @ the dentist”, “I 8 breakfast” etc…) and I don’t know much about all the other social media sites out there.

But the other day, I was talking to my brother Scott, and he told me about Empire Avenue, a new social media site (based out of Edmonton, interestingly enough). I think it has potential to be the next big thing.

Empire Avenue blurs the lines between a game and reality (to quote Bono “where fact is fiction, and MTV reality”). It is a virtual stock market, but the commodity being traded is you. As I understand it, your stock value rises and falls based on your social media influence. For example if you have a popular blog, a lot of facebook friends, and lots of people subscribing to your tweets, you could have a high value stock on Empire Avenue. People on the site can buy and sell your stock based on how they perceive the value of your influence.

It has the effect of putting a value on your online influence. In short, it democratizes the ability to earn income based on personal influence. In the past, you had to be a celebrity or have some critical mass of influence in order for someone to pay you to promote their product. Think of any commercial with a celebrity being paid big bucks to shill for them, and now think of how much they would pay you to do it – of course they just wouldn’t, because most people are not known beyond their limited circle of family and friends. But now, anyone with a following in some niche market can have a value placed on their influence, and thus be paid to advertise based on the value of their influence.

I think this concept is incredibly powerful, and a potential game changer.

Click here to take a look at Empire Avenue.

Click here to read my brother Scott’s article on Empire Avenue at his blog.

What do you think of the concept of Empire Avenue?

How do you think it could be used for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ?


  1. I love it. I even wrote a guest post at Wise Marketing about it. Did you sign up? Look forward to running into you at EA.

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