Posted by: Tim | April 13, 2010

China’s One Child Policy, Abortion, and Sex Selection

Over the weekend I read a disturbing article about the terrible impact of China’s one child policy. Right now there are something like 30M more boys than girls in the country, meaning that a lot of guys won’t be getting married, with unpredictable results (though predictably bad).

Click here to read the whole article – it’s long but worth it.

The part that is most upsetting is the routine abortion of girls in order to have a boy. Interestingly, the National Post also had an article over the weekend that related to this topic. In this case it was a recommendation to ban doctors from telling a mother the sex of her child until the pregnancy is past the time for having an early term abortion. The purpose is to prevent sex selection abortion (with girls being the ones who tend to be killed).

I find it very troubling and deeply ironic that a women’s ‘right’ to abortion has resulted in millions of aborted girls around the world. It’s not exactly a step forward for women’s rights, since it is rather difficult to exercise your rights as a woman when you are aborted because you are a woman…

Click here for the National Post article on sex selection abortion.

The National Post’s Kelly McParland also has an interesting follow up here.

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