Posted by: Tim | April 13, 2010

Bibleworks 8 Review

I upgraded from Bibleworks 7 to version 8 a few months month ago, and I like it.

In many ways it isn’t that much different, but in smaller ways, it seems much better. In short, it just seems to work smoother than before. Not that version 7 was bad, but this one is better.

The two most noticeable improvements for me are the chapter/verse drop-down box in the middle window and the cross-reference tab on the right window (there are some other tabs too that I haven’t used much yet).

The drop-down box puts the chapter and verse #’s all closer to the box you click – it  sounds insignificant, but on a laptop when you are scraping your finger on the pad to get the mouse to move around, it makes it a lot easier to click the verse you want. Here’s a screenshot (click for bigger version) below. You can also see the new cross-reference tab on the right listing Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross references.

What Bibleworks is so good at is putting the text in front of you in many translations, including Greek (which I know reasonably well) and Hebrew (which I don’t know at all but the tools let me still get into it some). I can’t pinpoint what has changed since the last version, but the middle window just seems to work better in this upgrade.

Another change is that every once and a while when I open Bibleworks I am notified about new updates, and given the option to choose which ones I want to install. It works well and only takes a few minutes to for the automatic updates to finish.

One minor improvement would be the upgrade process from version 7 to 8. I seem to remember having to punch in a bunch of codes to keep the BDAG and HALOT lexicons I had bought with version 7 (and maybe to keep some things that are no longer in version 8 but came with version 7?). It seems to me that it should be more automatic than having to punch in the codes for several items, but it’s a minor complaint, and a one time thing. I kept my printout of the codes in Bibleworks 8 box, in case I ever need to load it up again.

So is it worth the upgrade cost? For me, absolutely. I use this program every week I am preaching, and since it works smoother, and I enjoy using it more (not that I didn’t before, it is just better now), my prep is more efficient and effective, impacting the final sermon and the benefit to the congregation.

For further reading, click here for my old comparision of Bibleworks 7 with Logos, and click here for my discussion of Quickverse and Wordsearch.

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