Posted by: Tim | October 10, 2009

That’s a Good Question #2 – How can a thinking person believe in God?

Here is my second Christian Apologetics article , which appeared last month in the Three Hills Capital newspaper. As always, your comments are welcome below.

That’s a Good Question #2

How can a thinking person believe in God in our day and age?

Pollsters tell us that the fastest growing group in our society with regards to religion is ‘no religious affiliation’. At an increasing rate, people are choosing to believe that unbelief is the best choice. Books by celebrity atheist writers like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris have even topped the best seller charts. I read Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation, and could not miss the dogmatic religious fervor he displays in his attack on religion and support for atheism.

So are there any good reasons for a thinking person to believe in God today? I think there are several.

The first reason is that we are all here.  Something doesn’t come from nothing, so we had to come from somewhere. Even those who hold to the Big Bang Theory to explain the beginnings of the universe have no idea who did the banging. The Biblical description of God as the Creator answers the question of where it all started.

The second reason is the overwhelming evidence of design in our universe. Whether it is the encyclopedic information contained in our DNA, the astounding machinery of even a simple cell, or the precise, delicate balance of multiple mathematical variables that allow life to exist on earth, our universe is filled with evidence of design. Some years ago, scientists built radio telescopes that point into space, searching for intelligent life from another planet (as portrayed in the film “Contact” starring Jodie Foster). They were looking for a radio signal from space that shows non-random patterns, because this would point to intelligent life.  Yet our whole universe is filled with complicated designs and vast quantities of organized information, that beg the question, “Who is the Designer?”  The designer must be a great and powerful being, which perfectly fits the Biblical description of God.

The third reason arises from the existence of absolute moral laws.  Even in our age of moral relativity, there are still certain things that are universally considered wrong, with no room for debate. For example, when we encounter racism, rape, or murder, we recognize them as being absolutely wrong. Are they wrong because a majority of people think so, or would they be wrong even if a majority thought they were OK? The answer is that racism, rape, and murder are intrinsically wrong, in and of themselves, independent of anyone’s opinion. The question then must be asked, “Where do these moral laws come from?” The best answer is that moral laws come from a moral law giver.  The description of the God of the Bible as a moral law giver explains the source of moral laws.

There is one last reason that I will mention. It is admittedly more subjective, but at the same time it can be plainly observed around the world. Today there are hundreds of millions, even billions of people, who would acknowledge some experience of the Divine. They acknowledge that humans are spiritual beings and they claim to have felt the touch of God in their lives. Maybe they are all hallucinating, or maybe someone spiked their coffee, but I think the best explanation is that many have actually experienced the reality of God in their lives.

So for these reasons, I think it is reasonable for a thinking person to believe in God. What do you think? I welcome your feedback at the address below. Next week we will look at one of the toughest questions we can ask: “Why would a good God allow suffering?”


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