Posted by: Tim | March 16, 2009

Interesting Church Merger Story

I often read Tullian Tchividjian’s blog. Tullian is the pastor of New City Presbyterian Church in Florida.

Recently, he was invited to be the Senior Pastor of the nearby Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, a large, well known church whose former pastor was the late D. James Kennedy, who founded Evangelism Explosion, an evangelistic training ministry that has reached all around the world.

Tullian responded to their invitation by saying he would only consider the position if his whole church could come with him! Both churches agreed to investigate this option and for the past while have been holding merger talks, to see if they could agree to a merger. I have appreciated how Tullian has kept his congregation (and anyone who visits his blog) informed of the progress after each merger meeting, to keep rumours to a minimum and to keep everyone ‘in the know’. His humility and openess in the whole process has been a great blessing to me. This past Sunday, Tullian preached at Coral Ridge and afterwards the membership voted 91% in favour of calling him and merging the two churches. Coral Ridge has about 2200 people and has only had one senior pastor and New City has about 600 people, is a five year old church plant and I assume they have only had one senior pastor as well!

There’s another interesting note. Tullian is the thirty-six year old grandson of Dr. Billy Graham. He is an author and a very interesting blogger as well. I think it will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for Tullian and the merged congregation at Coral Ridge. I’m sure they would appreciate prayer as they work out the details of the merger and prepare for their first Sunday together, on Easter Sunday. Praise God for this exciting work He is doing in Florida!

Click here to read the official press release, and I’m sure you will also enjoy reading some of Tullian’s past blog entries.


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