Posted by: Tim | January 13, 2009

Thank you note from Crystal

This past Sunday Crystal Kraaikamp put a kind note of thanks and appreciation in the Prairie Tab church bulletin, and I asked permission to publish it on my blog for the people who have been praying from all over the world who might not otherwise see it. Here it is below:

Dear Prairie Tabernacle,

We have been so blessed by all the concern, prayers, meals, visits, love and support shown by all of you.  Duane’s plan had been to do a video of thanks to the congregation, but I will do the honours on his behalf.

Where to start?  We have been overwhelmed by the prayer support here and throughout the world for Duane and our family.  Even though the trial was long, almost every week at church there was encouragement to remember our family in prayer.  Duane felt those prayers and was greatly encouraged because of them.  There were many times that I am sure we never would have made it through if not for our faithful friends on their knees on our behalf.  Duane was also encouraged by the video messages sent by many friends after the congregational meeting.

We have special appreciation for those who have helped in Duane’s areas of ministry when he was too sick to continue working.  Duane and I have always felt a distinct call on our lives to be at this church.  Duane felt a deep burden for the people of this congregation and was always lifting you up in his prayers.  His heart was always to see those in Christ draw closer to Him and for those without Christ in the Three Hills community to find Him.  It is good to see the church catching and continuing on in that vision.

Our good friends, Pastor Tim & Carol, and Pastor Pete and Miriam have gone above and beyond for Duane and I, especially these last few weeks.  I also wish to thank the board for their kindness and support throughout Duane’s medical leave.  They were very understanding and showed Christ’s love to our family.

Thank you to those in Mom’s Time Out for your support, as well as the many who have organized and brought food to the house when it was the last thing on my mind.  There have been so many acts of service, donations, cards, gifts and encouragements that we are overwhelmed by your generosity.  This church truly is part of our family.

I also wish to thank everyone who was involved in Duane’s funeral.  The music, slideshow, tributes and food, all were just the way he would have liked it.  I realize that there were many behind the scenes people who made that service the real tribute that it was.

The past nine months have been a real trial and made both Duane and I relook at everything that we believe in and come out stronger in the Lord through it all.  God has been faithful to our family, never once did we feel abandoned.  God has used your hands, words and hearts to extend His love to us and for this we are extremely grateful.

Love in Christ,

Crystal, Morgan, Liam, Vaughn, and Avery Kraaikamp

P.S.  I would like to make a memory book for the boys about who their Daddy was.  I would appreciate if you would take a moment to write down any personal stories, encouraging comments or observations you may have about Duane to go in the book.  A copy of any pictures of Duane or our family would also be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for your help.

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