Posted by: Tim | December 26, 2008

Update on Duane – urgent prayer needed

Thank you to many of you who continue to check for updates regularly. Thank you for your ongoing prayers for Duane and his family!

Duane’s condition took a noticeable downward turn today (Dec 25). His breathing became laboured today and there is a lot of fluid build-up in him. The medical staff at Three Hills Hospital are working hard to care for him and to keep him comfortable in every way they can.

I went over to the hospital this evening along Pete & Miriam Rashleigh and Daryl Notter. We prayed at Duane’s bedside along with Crystal, Duane’s mom, and Dr. Swinton. We asked the Lord for healing, not because He hasn’t heard us many times before, but because we love God and we love Duane, and we believe God would be glorified through Duane being miraculously healed.

Please keep praying for Duane and Crystal and the family, as humanly speaking, his time is very short, possibly measured in hours. I believe it is still good and right to keep asking the Lord for a miracle, to His honour and glory, and I ask you to join me in doing so.


  1. Thank-you so much for this update….we are praying!

  2. thanks for the update! Weve been praying and thinking lots about duane! and family

  3. Thanks Tim, for the update. We are praying as well!

  4. Tim thanks for your call yesterday and the update here we are praying as well as many of our friends here.

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