Posted by: Tim | November 17, 2008

Update on Duane – Monday November 17 – Some good news…please keep praying

Some good news: Duane is now out of the ICU, and back in a less intensive section of the hospital in Edmonton. He is a lot more alert now than he was before and he even managed to sit up in a chair for a bit today. This is a significant improvement from last week. Let’s thank God for this answer to our prayers! The Lord has brought Duane through the first week after the surgery and enabled him to overcome some difficult challenges already.

Please continue to focus your prayers on asking for God’s healing from the cancer. While medically speaking there is not a solution, with our God there is always a way and He is able to heal Duane completely. Let’s keep praying and trusting in the LORD!


  1. Wow…that is encouraging! Do you know if visits are permitted? I will be in Edmonton on Fri, if he is still there, I would like to visit…also if Crystal needs anything, I would love to know!

  2. That’s definitely good news. We’ll continue to pray.

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