Posted by: Tim | November 16, 2008

Praying for Duane – Saturday November 15th Update

Today Carol and I returned from Edmonton. We spent some time with Duane in the early afternoon, as did Pete & Miriam Rashleigh, who were also there. Today seems to have been his best day since the surgery on Monday. Today we were thankful to hear that they were able to drain some of the fluid that has been building up in his abdomen, and after talking to Crystal tonight, it seems that the fluid level is now going down. Again, thank you for your prayers! This is twice this week where a critical situation has needed urgent prayer, and we have seen our prayers answered – first with Duane’s blood pressure needing stability and now with the fluid levels needing to come down. Thanks be to God! I think we need to be encouraged by this.

While it was a good day today, I want emphasize the day-to-day nature of his condition. His condition is still very serious and we are truly learning to live one day at a time, trusting God for today, and letting tomorrow take care of itself. We don’t know what challenges tomorrow or the next day will bring, but we do know and trust our God, who holds the future in His hands.

Let’s continue to pray for a miraculous healing from the cancer. God is able to do this, so let us pray with those three wonderful qualities: faith, hope and love.



  1. Our Church joined with you in praying for Duane today. It may seem silly but I think if we pray in the day, when you guys are asleep then they are covered 24/7.

  2. I pray that Duane will be blessed with a miracle as I was. I enjoy reading these updates.

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