Posted by: Tim | November 15, 2008

Update on Duane – Friday November 14 – Please Keep Praying with Expectancy

Carol and I drove up to Edmonton today to visit Duane. We are staying overnight and hope to see him tomorrow as well.

Duane is staying in the ICU with lots of medical care, and his mom and stepdad are there with Crystal.

Thank you for praying for his blood pressure levels. They are now relatively stable and he is off the medication for it. So let us thank God for this answer to prayer.

However there is a new immediate concern, that his abdomen is filling with fluid and it is causing pressure on some of his organs. They are concerned about the possibility of his kidneys failing and may need to do dialysis to relieve the pressure on them. (Please note that I am not that good with medical details, and this is my best understanding of what is happening.) Please pray that the fluid would drain and that his kidneys would continue to function properly.

Duane and Crystal are thankful for your prayers and encouraged by them. Some of you have asked about visiting, and while I know they appreciate the offer, at this time visits need to be limited, due to Duane’s condition.

As you pray, I would encourage you to pray with an expectancy of God’s healing in Duane. There is a temptation to pray and though we still believe that God may heal him, we resign ourselves to thinking that He probably won’t. Instead, we need to pray for a miracle with an expectancy of God’s healing, fighting in prayer against this enemy called cancer and these other medical problems that arise. Let us keep strong in our faith and hope as we pray for Duane!



  1. We will continue to pray for a miracle! Thanks for the update.

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