Posted by: Tim | November 13, 2008

Update on Duane Kraaikamp…please pray

Duane did not receive the new liver on Monday. When they opened him up they found an inoperable cancer on his bile duct and decided not to do the transplant. Humanly speaking, there is nothing more that can be done for him.

Yesterday (Tuesday) Daryl Notter (one of our elders), and I went to Edmonton to visit Duane, Crystal, and Crystal’s parents who are staying up there this week. We had a chance to pray for Duane and annoint him with oil and pray for his healing. While he fully realizes what he is up against, and even though he has a lot of physical pain, his spirit is good and he continues to trust fully in the Lord, and he expresses much thanks to our church for the support that is being given to he and his family.

Today (Wednesday) Crystal called to let us know that he has some sort of blood infection that is causing serious problems. He is on the full dosage of medicine to counteract it, but it is not yet working. If it does not work, it will be toxic to him and quickly life-threatening. The next 24-48 hours will be critical.

Please pray for Duane’s immediate needs for a stop to the infection, and please continue to ask God for his healing.

Thank you for your prayers. We continue to trust the Lord and to entrust Duane to His sovereign, loving care.



  1. Hi Tim,

    Marci and I are very saddened by this news. We will pray for Duane tonight at our small-group meeting.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date,


  2. I am saddened to read about your friend, Duane. I thought I would reach out to you, as bile duct cancer is not very well known in the medical community. There are very few doctors in the country that actually specialize in this type of cancer. (also known as cholangiocarcinoma) Duane may wish to consult one of these specialists prior to deciding on the next step. Dr. Steve Alberts at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Dr. Ahmed Kaseb at MD Anderson in Houston, TX are heavily engaged in bile duct cancer research. If neither of those options are near Duane, please contact me and let me know where Duane is located, and I will try and find a specialist nearby. Additionally, Duane may be able to find some useful resources at

    He is in my prayers and thoughts…

    – Sara

  3. Hey Brad,

    Thank you for your prayers. I hope you and your family are keeping well in Carenport!

    Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your prayers and thank you for the notes about the specialists and for the link. Duane is presently in Edmonton, Alberta, so neither of the doctors you mentioned are close. You can contact me directly at tims (at) look (dot) ca if you have further ideas/people for helping Duane (I write my email that way to avoid the spambots getting it.)

    Thanks again,

  4. Thanks, Tim, for your update. We are friends from college of Duane and Crystal’s and have been following how he has been doing. We have sent out a message to others that knew him from college and they are also praying.


  5. Hi Wanda,

    Thank you for being part of the army of prayer warriors and for letting others know about the urgent need for prayer.

    Our God is able!

    God bless,

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