Posted by: Tim | October 15, 2008

Cool! New WordPress Feature!! Polls!!! Poll #1: What Bible Software do you use?

WordPress just added a new feature so that I can now do polls on the blog – so here goes:

Feel free to add comments about why you like or dislike what you use. Be nice!


  1. Just thought I would check out your poll votes. I used the poll tool on my site and had 57 hits on the blog but only 4 votes. Not the response I was hoping for and therefore am not getting the feedback I was wanting. BTW, I added a vote to your poll. But I see that it records it only as other and does not list what the other is… perhaps (hopefully) from your home site it does… blessings,

  2. Hi & thanks for the feeback.

    No, I can’t seem to find a way to view what you entered for ‘other’. I had also thought it would appear somewhere. Out of curiosity, what was the other software you entered?

    I am doing a little better with the % of responses – only 4 hits, but 3 votes (I admit that one of them is me voting for Bibleworks, to test how the poll feature worked). However this posting isn’t getting enough hits to make it a meaningful poll. We’ll see over time if there are enough responses.

    Blessings to you too!

  3. I’m a little surprised that no freeware programs were considered (my favorites being Online Bible, E-Sword, and SWORD Project). I’ve never had to use any commercial Bible software titles, so I really don’t know how the freeware alternatives I mentioned would compare.

  4. Ya, I probably should have had another choice in the survey for “freeware Bible software”, or something like that. I put the survey together pretty quickly as an experiment, when WordPress released the ability to put polls in your blog, and I just picked the packages with which I was most familiar.

    thanks for the feedback!

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