Posted by: Tim | October 5, 2008

Bible Software Part 1: Quickverse and Wordsearch

I have used quite a few Bible software packages over the several years and I thought it might be interesting and/or helpful to write about my Bible software journey, in search of the ultimate Bible software. This first post describes my experience using Quickverse and Wordsearch.

What Makes a good Bible Software Package

I’ve come to the conclusion that the most important feature is the Bible text itself (imagine that!). You need all the major English translations and the Greek text as well in a screen layout that allows Bibles and books you use often to be quickly accessed. Then you need fast and easy-to-use searchability (WordPress spellchecker says that searchability is not a word…oh well…). Next you need a Bible concordance/dictionary (ie NASB or Strong’s) and a good Greek Lexicon. A few good commentaries are helpful, but secondary.

OK, with those thoughts in mind, the journey begins with Quickverse.

Quickverse v5(?) Deluxe(?)…around 2002?

My first big package was Quickverse v5 deluxe (I think that’s the version). I bought it mainly because I was able to get the maximum number of Bibles and commentaries for the best price. I don’t think it had any Greek tools. It ran on the STEP format, which means that you could load up other books published in the STEP format. At the time I didn’t have much of a physical library so the included commentaries mattered more to me than they would now. Overall I was happy with it.

Wordsearch v5 (fall 2003-present)

I like Wordsearch v5. It came as a free mail order along with my first ESV Bible (a black bonded leather thinline, still use it and love it!). Like Quickverse, it ran in STEP format, so I was able to load up all of my QV books, thought it was a tedious process.

My favourite features of Wordsearch 5 are

a) speed

b) the F3 key and

c) the F2 key.

Wordsearch is incredibly fast and convenient for searching English Bible texts and I still use it today. Just hit F3 to open a window and type in the reference and hit enter. The open is virtually instantaneous. Just hit F2 to open the search window and type a word and hit enter and again…boom…it’s quick…the search is done almost instantaneously.  Also, you are able to put all the Bibles (and other books) on a ‘bookshelf’ along the top, so you can get at them easily. But the main feature is that for me, Wordsearch is lightning fast at doing the things for which I most often use my Bible Software.

Quickverse 7 & 8 Deluxe (?)

Somewhere around late 2006 or early 2007 I saw that I was eligible for a cheap upgrade to the latest version of Quickverse (7 at the time). By late 2007 version 8 was out and I upgraded for very cheap (maybe only $45 I think). It came with a Greek translation (good) and a new interface (not so good), and I was able to load up all my old QV books again from v5 (good, since they change what books come with it from older to new versions, including dropping the NASB concordance which I used a lot, and I think they may have even dropped the NIV Bible (?) ). Overall I was not that happy with it as it involved two mouse clicks to get to Bible reference lookup, or search, thus losing my two favourite fast features from Wordsearch.

So, unhappy with Quickverse, and feeling the lack of Greek tools in my fast Wordsearch software, I knew I needed some new Bible Software. I began to research two leading Bible Software packages, Logos and Bibleworks.

Click here for my next post, where I compare and contrast Logos & Bibleworks, and let you know which package I chose and why.

I look forward to hearing any comments or questions you have about your experience with Quickverse and Wordsearch.


  1. After quite some time, I’ve renewed my personal use of Quickverse and Wordsearch. I’d set them aside for some much simpler, but easier stuff. So, I’m interested in what you have to share. Look forward to the next post.

  2. […] For further reading, click here for my old comparision of Bibleworks 7 with Logos, and click here for my discussion of Quickverse and Wordsearch. […]

  3. Hello,
    I have spent a great deal of time searching the internet trying to find an answer to what seems should be a very simple answer. I found this site and I hope you can answer my question. I am trying to copy a passage of the Bible and then paste in into my Microsoft Works Word Processor. When I do that, the words in Christ do not paste in red. They paste in black like all of the other words. Do you know how to paste the words of Christ in red? Thank you SO much in advance. My email address is

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