Posted by: Tim | October 1, 2008

New photo header for my blog

I decided it was time for a new photo on the header of my blog. The old photo of my wife Carol and I was taken in 2000 near the Navigator’s Glen Eyrie retreat center in Colorado Springs – a real life castle. The mountain in the background is Pike’s Peak. We rented a car and drove up to the top, over 14,000 feet. Highly Recommended! But be careful, the road turns into a series of switchbacks with long falls to the side. Anyway, I figured it was time for a new photo header, as this one is way out of date. I’ve definitely lost some hair and gained some pounds since then. Carol, of course, has just grown even more beautiful! Here is the old photo, in case you missed it:

The new CP Steam Engine photo header was taken at Revelstoke, BC in the summer of 2006 on our family vacation. It is an classic 4-6-4 Canadian Pacific steam engine that runs through a section of the Rocky Mountains as a tourist train (between Revelstoke and Banff, I think, possibly all the way to Calgary(?) ). We later saw it again steaming through the famous Spiral Tunnels (see photo below) If you look closely you can see that the train had diesel locomotives between the steam engine and the passenger cars, I would assume for safety, in case the steam engine had trouble.

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