Posted by: Tim | September 14, 2008

New Series on the Gospel of John

Today I started a new expository sermon series going verse by verse through the Gospel of John. Today’s message was an introduction covering some of the basic questions of authorship/dating, comparison with the other three gospels, key themes and purpose. The sermon notes are posted here, and the mp3 should be up soon.

The past couple of series that I’ve preached have been more topical: one called “Where Your Treasure Is” about a Biblcal approach to money and one called “One Another” about (you guessed it), one another commands in the New Testament. While these series were helpful for the congregation (I think!) and challenging for me personally, I miss the verse by verse exposition through a whole book. The other series involved some verse by verse exposition and some systematic theology on various topics (ie attempting to preach what the Bible says about a particular subject – it can be challenging because the Bible says a lot about some subjects and it’s not always easy to find them all in a relatively short time of preparation and then bring a summary that best reflects the counsel of Scripture! … Ligon Duncan has some great things to say at this year’s Together For the Gospel conference about preaching systematic theology – See here for my post about it and here for the MP3 download).

Anyway, while I believe there is good value in preaching systematic theology type sermons (as Duncan put it, people ask pastors all the time, “What does the Bible say about _______?”), I am looking forward to getting back to a verse by verse exposition, and I am very excited about digging into John.

Anyone else out there preached through John recently? Any thoughts or comments? Thanks!

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