Posted by: Tim | July 19, 2008

Abortion in Canada: More Liberal than Europe

Canada has no abortion law, making abortion effectively legal right up to the point of birth. Thus Canada has the most liberal abortion access in the world.In most western democracies, there is a least some level of restriction on access to abortion. Here are some examples from Europe, according to BBC news:

Belgium: on request up to 12 weeks, the woman must receive counseling at least six days before the abortion. Restrictions after 12 weeks.

Denmark: on request up to 12 weeks, Committee aproval required after 12 weeks

France: on request up to 12 weeks, restricted to health risks for woman or unborn baby after 12 weeks.

Germany: on request up to 12 weeks, up to 19 weeks if rape/incest, 24 weeks for abnormality in the baby. “The woman must receive proper counselling three days before the procedure. The state-regulated counselling is required to inform the woman that the unborn have a right to life and to try to convince her to continue the pregnancy”. Not covered by public health insurance, unless low income.

Greece: on request up to 12 weeks, restrictions after 12 weeks.

Ireland: strict limits (life of the woman at risk, including risk of suicide)

The Netherlands: on request up to 13 weeks, a five day waiting period between first consultation and the abortion.

Spain: under certain conditions up to 22 weeks.

Sweden: on request up to 18 weeks.

United Kingdom: under certain conditions up to 24 weeks

Again, click this link for a full listing but these examples are representative.

In summary, Europe cares more about unborn babies than Canada. Abortion is perceived to be a politically untouchable issue, thus leaving Canada with the most extreme laws.

Abortion in Canada reports that for 30 years a majority of Canadians have expressed preference for at least some restrictions, yet our current lack of abortion law reflects the minority opinion of barely 1/3 of Canadians.

While I support the protection of unborn babies from conception, at least some restrictions would be a good start. It would save the lives of thousands of unborn Canadians, and would force us to think more carefully about the life we destroy every time an abortion takes place. It would also put us at a bit closer to the rest of the western world in having a small degree of respect for the life of unborn babies.

For a country that claims to care about those who cannot defend themselves, Canada is not walking the talk when it comes to abortion.

Shame on Canada.

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