Posted by: Tim | July 18, 2008

Every abortion takes a human life

In my recent study of the abortion debate, one fact caught me off guard.

I discovered that there is no debate amongst scientists about whether or not an unborn baby is a human being. Standard biology textbooks agree that from conception, the baby is fully human. Please see this link for details.

I had falsely assumed that there were both pro-choice and pro-life scientists, each having a view of the humanity of the unborn baby corresponding to their view on abortion. I had falsely assumed this because it had not occurred to me that anyone would kill an unborn baby anyway, even if they knew for certain the baby was human.

I now realized that informed pro-choice advocates know that they baby is human, but they have decided that a woman’s right to choose trumps an unborn human’s right to live.

I suspect that many Canadians do not realize that the science on the unborn baby is settled in saying that the baby is fully human. This is a critical argument against abortion, and I believe that as more people realize that the science is settled, the more people will realize what a truly horrific thing abortion is, as every abortion takes a human life.


  1. As a long haul truck driver I spend a lot of time in the USA, down there there is a large movement of Bill Boards and such with the motto; Abortion Stops a Beating Heart. The premise against abortion is as you have said here that the unborn is a life as life is medically defined as by a beating heart and death is defined by the stopping of the heart from beating. As you have said this perspective only falls on deaf ears! There are many things that I have come to have unease about people in the medical field being given the status of “experts” to decree and this is certainly another.

  2. Having said this I also wish to express that there needs to be more emphasis on compassion for the emotional healing of the women who have been deceived by medical science and less hard core condemnation-judgementalism. We have all bought into a lie and sinned and fallen short. I think the predominant lie with abortion is that it is a medically legit means of birth control. I would think that any woman who has had an abortion did not do it with a sinister motive.

  3. If this is so, how come only right wing religious bigots seem concerned about this issue?

    Life clearly does not begin at conception. If you look at the actual textbooks you can see they have been quoted out of context. An egg and a sperm are alive in the biological sense, and have the potential to make a baby, so is contraception also murder? Can anyone on the anti choice side tell me what is the difference between an egg and sperm 1 minute before fertilisation, and a newly fertilised egg. Also one egg can become twins or even triplets, so what about that.

    Of course a human embryo is human, in the sense that it is not the embryo of a dog or a cat, but it is not a human being.

    Giving rights to a fetus by definition denies them to the pregnant woman. It is impossible to be anti choice, without being anti women, regardless of what you may claim.

    Try finding something worthwhile to protest about for a change.

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