Posted by: Tim | July 2, 2008

They Desire a Better Country

July 1, 2008, Canada Day.

It was announced today that the Order of Canada will be given to Henry Morgentaler, the notorious Canadian abortionist.

The Order of Canada’s official motto, which is engraved on the medals, is a quote from the Bible (Yes, you are reading correctly, the Order of Canada has its ethos rooted in the Bible!). The quote is from Hebrews 11:16 where it says DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM, or in English, “They desire a better country”. This verse refers to Bible heroes who lived by faith, such as Noah and Abraham.  Noah was commanded by God to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ to repopulate the earth (Gen. 9:1) and Abraham was promised by God that he would be ‘a father of many nations’ (Gen. 17:4-5). In fact the name ‘Abraham’ means ‘father of a multitude’.

So it is with great irony that Morgentaler would receive an award with the motto, “They desire a better country”, for he did so much to pave the way for the 2M+ abortions that have taken place in Canada over the past 20+ years. He is not a man who has been fruitful and multiplied or the father of a multitude. He and his life work represent the polar opposite of these Biblical characters who lie behind the Order of Canada’s motto.

Morgentaler’s appointment makes a mockery of the Order of Canada. If I had an Order of Canada medal I would return it, and I urge others who do have one to do so as well, for I would want no part in an Order that would award someone who destroys life and is the antithesis of what the award is supposed to represent.

I desire a better country than this. Morgentaler is a disgrace to our great nation and a most unworthy recipient. I pray that this sad day is the high water mark for the abortion movement.

I pray that one day our great nation will look back on the abortion era in which we now live, in the same way we look back today on the wrongs done to our First Nations peoples, or in the same way we look back at slavery in the British Commonwealth and the United States, scratching our heads and wondering how civilized people tolerated such evils, let alone daring to award those who led the way.

Perhaps a Prime Minister will one day arise in the House of Commons and apologize for the millions of unborn Canadian children who were never given the chance to live a life worthy of receiving the Order of Canada, their lives tragically and violently cut short by abortion. There will be no compensation, only tears, along with prayers of thanks offered by those who survived the abortion era despite the efforts of Henry Morgentaler.

Let’s pray together for a better country!

Other Links:

For a response from the Catholic Archbishop of Toronto, please click here.

For a response from an organization of young women called ProWomanProLife, please click here.

For an excellent article in the National Post by Douglas Farrow of McGill University, please click here.

For a list of government people (Prime Minister, Governor General, Order of Canada secretary, etc.) to contact to ask that Morgentaler’s Order of Canada be rescinded, and to express your concern, please click here. (You will need to scroll down on the page).  You could also contact your Member of Parliament. If they get enough volume on this issue, maybe they will respond.


  1. If you place any store by exhortations in the Bible, then you look up Ecclisiates where it says there is a time and a season for everything. A time to sow and a time to reap, a time to laugh and a time cry and importantly “a time to be born and a time to die”. When a living thing whether a person, an animal, or even a foetus is born or dies it is because it is its time. An abortionist do not have the power to thwart God’s plan.
    I am not a Christian but I have the greatest of respect for the Bible and all other Holy Texts, but my quote is not word for word.
    As to the Global overpopulation and the inherent dangers that that brings that are threatening the very existance of all life on this planet, let us leave for another day.

  2. Hi Prem,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You are right when you say that the Bible teaches that there is a time to be born and a time to die, (Ecclesiastes 3:3).

    I don’t think this teaching changes the reality that some deaths are immoral, including the deaths of aborted children. Even though God is ultimately sovereign over His creation, He still is not pleased with many things that take place, including abortion.

    I appreciate your respect for the Bible and would encourage you to keep seeking God as you read it.

    God bless,

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