Posted by: Tim | June 4, 2008

Snow in June

Well, it actually hail…but close enough. I haven’t actually seen snow in June yet but they tell me it can snow any month of the year here in Three Hills. Tonight came close, with the wet hail.

Jacob’s ball game in Trochu (about 8 miles north) tonight got hailed out. As we were driving out I could see the dark, foreboding clouds that looked to be right over Trochu, but were actually a bit north. It’s one of the cool things about living on the Prairies, you can see a storm coming for miles. I didn’t know which way the wind was blowing and hoped it was east and not south!

About 10 min into the game, I said to someone, I think it’s going to miss us. Famous last words. It started raining about 10 min later and then it started hailing. Pebble size hail, fairly wet, but starting to sting when it hit. Game delay called, as we all ran for cover (parents and kids). Then it really started coming down. hard! Jessica & Chloe started crying (especially when I mistakenly held little Chloe outside the umbrella cover for a second – oops! Sorry Chloe!) Game canceled. Everyone went home. But it was fun!

When I first heard the title of the old Northern Pikes Album “Snow in June”, it never occurred to me that there really were places in Canada where it snowed in June. Just did a quick google and found out they started their career in Saskatoon (5 hours due east of Three Hills on a long flat highway), and now I understand the album title speaks to a reality of life on the northern prairies.

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