Posted by: Tim | March 25, 2008

Simeon Trust Preaching Workshop

May 7-9, Lord willing, I will attend the Simeon Trust Preaching Workshop being hosted by Southview Alliance Church in Calgary. This year the presenters are David Helm from Chicago and David Short from Vancouver. I attended last year with the same presenters and enjoyed it very much. The workshop has three main components (five if you count both lunch and snack times, which were pretty good too!)

1. Teaching sessions – Here the presenters teach about how to prepare and preach messages. The emphasis is on interpreting the text right. One cool phrase that I learned last year which stuck with me is finding the ‘melodic line’ in a book, or a passage. The melodic line is a theme that runs throughout the book or passage, much like the melody line in a song.

2. Small Group Sessions – Prior to the workshop, each participant is given a couple of passages to study and prepare an outline of how they would preach it. These outlines are presented in the small group time and then discussed/critiqued by the rest of the group.

3. Preaching – The presenters model preaching by bringing messages on the text being discussed. This year the theme is the book of Exodus.

I highly recommend the workshop to you! Please visit the Charles Simeon Trust workshop website to learn more and to register. Hope to see you there!

For another positive report, check out this link from Darryl Dash who compares the Toronto (Georgetown) workshop with his first DMin residency (which he did at Gordon-Conwell under Haddon Robinson!).


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