Posted by: Tim | March 13, 2008

Weekend in the Word

I spent last weekend in Bow Island, Alberta, a town about 3 hours east of Calgary, between Medicine Hat and Taber. (Interesting fact: There’s no island in Bow Island…apparently the wrong sign was dropped off by the railway at the town early in its history and the name stuck.)

I preached at the Weekend in the Word conference at Bow Island Evangelical Free Church, and had a great time being hosted by Pastor Mike & Norma De Ridder. Mike used to be a prof at Prairie Bible Institute. It was the first time I had preached at a conference. I preached four times about Gideon, from Judges 6-8. If you would like to hear any of them, you can click here for mp3’s and sermon notes from when I first preached them at our church last year in the Journey Through Judges series.

Preaching in a conference like this is different because you are focused on the messages all weekend, instead of just for the main Sunday morning message. I found myself wondering if the messages were making an impact or not, but I trust the Lord that they were. I personally find the story of Gideon very encouraging, because he is so ordinary, even useless! If God can use him, he can use anyone!

One neat thing is that Bow Island EFC has a television program that broadcasts their service on local cable around the region from Medicine Hat to Taber to Brooks. It is a week delayed so my Sunday morning message will be on this Sunday. I received a DVD and it was nice to be able to watch myself preach as I hadn’t done that for a while. Some things were good, some things not so good. For example, I think I need to expand my repertoire of gestures.

Anyway, if ever you find yourself in Bow Island, be sure to visit Bow Island EFC. Good people, good church! (and try to get yourself invited out for lunch – great cooks, great food, great fellowship!)

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