Posted by: Tim | February 28, 2008

High Impact Sermons #3

Sometimes just a word or a phrase or even just an idea from a sermon leave a lasting impact.

Such is the case in a John Piper sermon about Expository preaching, which I believe he preached at Together for the Gospel ’06, or some big conference around then. The title of the sermon may have been “Why Expository Preaching is Particularly Glorifying to God”. He described how when you preach an expository message you are not just explaining the text (though you are!), but you are exulting over the word of God. The phrase that I seem to remember is “Expository Exultation” – delighting over God’s Word.

I think that phrase captures what I so appreciate about John Piper, that in his preaching and writing he intertwines the truth of God’s Word with a joyful passion for God Himself. This combination is incredibly compelling as it touches the mind and emotions simultaneously.

There is great joy in preaching God’s Word to others and that delight in God’s Word should be apparent for all to see. It is contagious!


  1. Yes, that was Piper’s T4G message in 2006 – and although I wasn’t there to hear it in person, I’ve listened to it time and time again.

    Another great sermon from T4G ’06 (although all of them were good!) was CJ Mahaney’s “Watch Your Life” – highly recommended!

  2. That was good and short. Can’t written sermons be available on this site?

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